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Date : Tuesday, December 1, 2009
Time : 1:17 AM
Title :

kirim aku dirimu, biar jadi teman ku...
dan aku sepi berada disini.. dan disini aku tak mau sendiri
biar jadi teman ku..

Date : Monday, November 30, 2009
Time : 1:24 AM
Title :

heyy, its raining today..
soooooo damn cold!
i got flu and i had headache! ahh, and and im so boring.
i got nothing to do, got nothing to update with you guys.
just now i call hazim.. ahh, relief siket,biarlah sekejap pon.
ckp ngan baby 22 mins je..
whatelse ah? nothing.. nothing. im a boring person!


Date : Saturday, November 28, 2009
Time : 1:17 AM
Title : sweetness

i rarely upload kissing picture!

ahh, i think it is true! i am in love.. truly in love

Date : Friday, November 27, 2009
Time : 11:52 PM
Title : misses

thousand misses :


whoelse eh?

Date :
Time : 11:45 PM
Title : long

distance is really not a problem if you love that person

Date :
Time : 1:29 AM
Title : curhat

blast day!, today is eid adha!
while waiting for my pet society nak buka im thinking of blogging and tumblr.
banyak sgt nak took care of!
ahhh, what can i say, i miss someone.
it seems like i miss someone like everyday , every minutes and every seconds now!
im so thankful!
i hope this time is the right person, i just want to be in love and want it to be the best ever and the last one!
capek sudah! later i will reveal the person.
pray for my happiness!

*part of the lists

Date :
Time : 1:12 AM
Title : dear..

Dear Tummy,

Sorry for the butterflies lately,
but i swear it is not my fault.
It is his.

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